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As I said when Trump won the GOP nomination, I would not vote for him but I would not be upset if he wins.  Today I find myself living comfortably within that view. The productive question right now becomes not, “how did this happen,” but rather how, as musicians, producers, artists, songwriters, and their representatives, (basically everyone on this list) do we process this upheaval to our advantage?
First, we must recognize that not everybody who supported Trump was a racist, uneducated moron. Second, believe that Trump will not do the degree of harm to this country that has been projected. He will do some good and he will also make mistakes, just like every president before him.
This morning the financial markets have spoken; as it turns out, Trump’s victory was not the Brexit-like event we thought it would be and clearly the economic elite are satisfied with the will of "the people."  Even the so-called “liberal media” outlets, CNN and MSNBC are spinning neutral on the outcome.  So, let's all just calm down, breath and trust the process that we claim to love.
In the 1990s I worked for Trump as a musical director for one of his beauty pageants called “Look of the Year.” I had the opportunity to hang out with him and Marla Maples (2nd wife) for several days. I observed him to be a relatively average guy. Not the smartest person in the room, but smarter than most. But, I was impressed with his understanding of music as intellectual property.
Like many new to the business of music licensing, Trump needed an explanation as to the difference between pre-recorded music played back in a runway show versus how the taping of that event for broadcast would require a separate sync license.  Once explained he did not adopt the “but I’m paying twice for the same thing” attitude that I’ve heard from prior event producers.  He got it right way and paid.
One positive thing we as music professionals can probably count on is that Trump will not bend to Silicon Valley’s agenda of marginalizing the value of our work to the degree of the past three administrations.  Washington DC’s decade-plus long love affair with the Valley has cost our industry billions.  But as we can see by the post-election dropping stock prices of Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple, many investors are afraid that the copy-left, free-tard party is OVER.   Trump is not a fan of the Tech-world and their new breed of billionaires who warehouse billions overseas, build stuff in China and thumb their noses at law enforcement when asked for help catching terrorists.
Believe it or not, Trump's cow-boy attitude is good for restoring value to content. Trump’s plan for his first 100 days reads like something Bill Clinton would have proposed in 1993.
I have no predictions as yet.  But I am cautiously optimistic that come the next year, regardless of dumb shit like the wall, and other flatulent stuff he is bound to say, we will be starting our journey back on track towards the music industry that many of us are old enough to remember.
And if nothing else, it will be entertaining.
Mo out.

Last Updated: 11 November 2016
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