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Thank you America... I mean everyone who voted for Donald Trump! You all have been played by one of the masters of Reality TV... He pissed off millions of Americans who are now taking it to the streets. The man who found LOOP HOLES in reporting taxes. The man who never showed his taxes. The man who has made millions of dollars off of the backs of others.

Today I heard on the news that he also found some more loop holes in the government that's going to allow him to amass even more wealth and guess what he's not going to have to share that information. He also wants to shut the press out but doesn't he know that someone on hi team is going to leak information?

He may create jobs to rebuild our great country. But allow me to be real when blacks were pickin cotton and the Cotton Gen was invented which means that the slave owners didn't need as many slaves to pick cotton. Machinery replaced the Chinese, Blacks, Native Americans and poor whites who built the railroads. Today we have machinery that can dig coal and robots that can work the assembly lines. What am I saying.

I'm saying that there will be a lot jobs created but they will not require a lot of workers. Where an assembly line once required a 1,000 workers they have a computerized robot which means they may only need 100 educated workers. The question to ask yourself is will an employer be willing to pay a minimum of $20 - $25 an hour based on today's economy. Will the jobs require full time or part time employees? Will the company be willing to pay for benefits? I am in total agreement that jobs need to be created so that every American can pay their fair share of taxes which will help the government get us back on track.

Pharaoh Let my people go. Trump is businessman 1st and foremost. He played those who believed that he was the right person (Great White Hope) because of the Reality show that he played. Now that he has won we will see a different Trump we will see the Business Man who will be looking out for his own interest and for those that he will surround himself with.

His Reality Show Antics divided the county on many levels which is obvious with all of the protests. The campaign pissed off a lot of people who decided that they would not vote at all and it worked. He is a master strategist on every level. I'm sure that once he found the right buttons to push he just kept on pushing that button until he got what he wanted.

What I am seeing now could possibly turn into another Internal Civil War. The same wars that we send our troops in to other countries to fight for their freedom and the 1 per centers .make bank. Example building war ships to strengthen our defense... I'm just sayin Pharaoh let my people go.

Once it really sinks in many of you will understand what I am saying! But on the other hand many all ready see what is about to take place. So the script will be flipped the Democrats and a few Republicans can block some of the moves Trump wants to make. What I've heard and he hasn't even been sworn in is his temperament. Being a narcissist will he say the wrong thing and we end up where war will be declared on the USA. This man has said a lot of things on the campaign trail and he feels like he doesn't feel he has to apologize for because to him apologizing is a sign of weakness. ...

Just sharing my perspective of my observation! 

Last Updated: 12 November 2016
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