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CDs of your music
A press kit
1. Compile a list of targeted Internet radio stations and shows.
Go to each station's website to research the shows that play your style and genre of music and get the station's music submission guidelines.

2. Set up a tracking system.
You need to keep track of who, where, and when you sent your CDs and press kits. .

3. Call in advance and establish a relationship with the music director or show host.
When your list is finalized, call all of the stations to:

•double check the contact information
•find out exactly what materials they expect to receive
The key to getting your CD played and in rotation is to build a personal relationship with the music director of the radio station or host of the show you're targeting. If you're going to be on tour in their area, tell them the date and venue to spark additional interest.

4. Prepare your CD.
For best results, send your CD in a standard jewel case. Take off the shrink wrap.

5. Prepare your ONE SHEET.

6. Mail it in.
If you contacted the station and they told you to send in your CD, then write "SOLICITED MATERIAL" on the outside of the envelope so they know it was requested by them. If you are touring in the station's area, write the date of your show on the envelope because this gives them another reason to consider your CD. It tells them when you will be in their area so they can announce your show, schedule an interview, or get you to play live on-air.

7. Call and verify delivery.
After a few days, call your contact at the station to verify that they received your CD. This is another opportunity to talk more about your music and upcoming shows. Ask when they'll listen to it and consider it for rotation. Note this date in your tracking system. If they didn't receive your CD, resend the materials.

8. Follow up to verifiy it was added to the rotation.
Call your contact again a few days after they said they'd listen to it and find out if your music was added to the rotation. Note that being added to the rotation does not necessarily mean you will get played -- it's usually up to the DJs to decide when to play the songs. It's likely you won't know if your music was played unless you listen to each station or they keep a log at their website.
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There are plenty of Gospel Internet Radio Stations that support independent gospel artists that are waiting to hear from you!

Last Updated: 17 October 2011
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